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England’s Nazareth

England’s Nazareth

Back in the Middle Ages 1061, Richeldis de Faverches, Lady of the Manor of Walsingham, was saying her prayers when you she saw the Virgin Mary. In her vision, she travelled to the Holy House at Nazareth. In those days, Christians were unable to visit the holy land because Muslim forces occupied it.

Lady Richeldis was asked to build an exact replica of the Holy House at Walsingham, which is why it became known as “England’s Nazareth.”

The Lady of the Manor received a vision twice of St. Joseph, Mary, and the Child Jesus at Nazareth. During this vision, she was commanded to build a replica of the Holy House (which was where the Annunciation took place), on her own land for the Crusaders to use as a focus of devotion.

She gave instructions for the edifice, but the next night she was awakened by singing and saw Angels departing and the Holy House miraculously constructed.