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 Road to the Triumph: Why It Matters


We live in a world filled with chaos and despair (rumours of wars, pandemics, economic distress, and unprecedented social changes), but as we travel on the Road to the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, God calls us home to the narrow path of knowing him, loving him, and serving him.

It is the primary mission of the Catholic Church to spread the Kingdom of God throughout the world. In the same way that John the Baptist heralded Christ’s coming by urging repentance and preparation. On the Road to the Triumph, God has called many prophets around the world to reveal the Good News to modern man and to encourage us to repent.

This documentary tells the story of people who have experienced conversion and reconciliation with God, and are now back on the narrow path. It is the purpose of the Road to the Triumph testimonies to proclaim the Good News in this generation. The true message of Jesus Christ is illuminated to the viewer, as witnesses share their discovery of faith, hope, and intimacy with God.

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