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Meet the people behind this message

Maria Izzo

A devout Roman Catholic, Maria moved from Italy to Western Australia as a child in the mid-1950s. She lived in the monastic town of New Norcia, which is home to a Benedictine abbey, before relocating with her family to Perth in 1964. Following the death of her parents, she resigned from her job at the bank to care for her sister, who suffered from multiple sclerosis.
Since 1987, Maria has had mystical encounters and experiences, and received private revelations. Despite not owning a TV or modern technology, she is very aware of the end times we are living in.

Novena Booklet

Following a dream she had in March 2000, Maria felt compelled to produce a Novena booklet as a weapon against Satan and for the protection and healing of families. “It came to me that beside the Mass, which is the most powerful weapon we have, I should put together the most powerful prayers,” she said.
The Novena booklet is approved by The Most Rev Barry J. Hickey, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Perth.

The Unity Prayer to the Heavenly Family

On the 5th of June 2020, Maria received a message from Our Lord Jesus that now is the time to unify everyone on earth (encompassing all devotions) with the army of God in heaven. The way to do this is through the Unity Prayer, which Jesus gave to Maria for the unification of souls, and as a weapon against Satan.