Divine Will

“These are writings that must now be made known to the world. I believe they will produce great good. For as sublime as this science of the Divine Will is, so do these writings of divine dictation present it, clearly and limpidly. In my opinion, no human intellect would have been able to form them”.


Divine Will – What’s it all about?

Experience the Divine Will: Let God’s Will Unfold Within You

Discover the extraordinary gift of the Divine Will that God wishes to bestow upon the world. It goes beyond simply doing God’s Will; it is about truly possessing His Will and allowing Him to fulfill His desires within us, with our full consent.

A New Era Begins: September 8, 1889

On this remarkable day, Luisa Piccaretta received the precious Gift directly from Jesus Himself, marking the dawn of the Kingdom of the Divine Will on Earth. For centuries, Christians have heartfeltly prayed for God’s Will to be done on Earth as it is in Heaven through the Lord’s Prayer. Now, the Gift of the Divine Will is within reach of everyone, we are invited to embrace it wholeheartedly.

Embracing Perfect Love and Glory for God

The purpose of the Divine Will is to enable every member of the human family to offer perfect love and bring glory to God. Through this divine connection, we align ourselves with the order, place, and purpose for which we were created by God Himself. It is a powerful journey of rediscovering our true essence.

The Book of Heaven: 36 Volumes of Wisdom

Luisa, inspired by Jesus Himself, has penned The Book of Heaven. In its 36 volumes, she beautifully captures the essence of this divine encounter. The title, given by Jesus Himself, resonates with the call for humanity to reconnect with its true purpose. Volume 19, dated August 27, 1926, holds profound insights within its pages.


Who is Luisa Piccarreta?

Luisa Piccarreta, also known as the ‘Little Daughter of the Divine Will’, was a remarkable Catholic mystic whose legacy continues to inspire. Born on a momentous day, 23rd April 1865, (on this day 130 years later, Pope John Paul II will proclaim Divine Mercy Sunday) she entered this world in Corato, Bari province Italy, surrounded by divine providence.

From her early years, a sense of sacredness and holiness enveloped her being, as she sought solace in her mother’s embrace to escape the clutches of her vivid fears and insecurities. Shyness gripped her soul, causing her to retreat from the world, finding refuge in the quiet corners of her imagination and the sanctuary of her spiritual journey.

It was in those tender moments of vulnerability that Jesus revealed His love and jealousy of her, desiring to separate her from everything and everyone (like Sr. Clare Crockett said in Alone with Christ Alone “We have to be saints! It’s all or nothing! We can’t remain in mediocrity. We have to fight with all our strength against the obstacles that impede us from growing.”) , guiding her on a path infused with purpose and divine connection.

Today, we honor her life and her profound devotion as we remember the proclamation of Divine Mercy Sunday, 130 years later by Pope John Paul II. Discover the extraordinary story of Luisa Piccarreta, a beacon of faith and a testament to the power of surrendering all to the Divine Will.

In 1947, shortly before her 82nd birthday, she died in the odour of sanctity. In November 1994, a cause for Beatification and Canonisation was opened, and a positive judgement was issued in 2010.  Although Luisa was considered by the Church to have lived a life of heroic virtue, she still requires firstclass miracles.


Casa Di Luisa Piccarreta

The Lord provided this address on the 31st May 2003 as the centre for the dissemination of the Divine Will knowledge. Our apostolate is about making known the life, love and teaching of the Divine Will revelations as given to Luisa Piccarreta  (1865 to 1947).

We order books, DVDs, CDs and USBs etc. concerning the Divine Will from places such as the USA, Italy and others and make them available.   We do not make any profit in the distribution of these products.

Our home has weekly Divine Will prayer meetings every Tuesday and hosts conferences, seminars and retreats on the Divine Will throughout the year.

We welcome visitors from country areas, interstate or overseas to stay with us here at Casa.

At the time of writing, we have over 1200 on our mailing list and correspond with over 300 who are not on email.

One of our ministries, is to our priests.

Casa and friends, sponsor priests who may be interested in finding out more about this incredible Gift.  We organise Divine Will retreats for priests every year.

The GREATEST GIFT ever, is that of the Gift of the Divine Will.  The Lord will renew the face of the earth with the living in His Divine Will. He will receive ALL the love, praise, glory, and thanks that is rightly His due. It must be Divine, perfect, infinite and eternal. Hence the offering of this Gift to us.

We are called to embrace this Gift and make It known, desired and loved by others.

I know when the Lord first called me to this work many years ago, I was a bit stunned!  I did not know what to do or how to go about some things.

What the Lord has shown me is that I must be TOTALLY DEPENDENT UPON HIM.

I must rely TOTALLY on Divine Providence.

He has provided for this awesome work of His at every stage.

He uses weak instruments so that all know that it is He that does everything!

 Jenny Troy – Email   <jtroy@iinet.net.au>

Casa Di Luisa Piccarreta