“These are writings that must now be made known to the world. I believe they will produce great good. For as sublime as this science of the Divine Will is, so do these writings of divine dictation present it, clearly and limpidly. In my opinion, no human intellect would have been able to form them”.


Marian Movement of Priests- What’s it all about?

Discover the incredible journey of the Marian Movement of Priests, born from a profound inspiration received by Fr. Gobbi from the Blessed Mother Herself. Picture this: Fr. Gobbi, standing in prayer at Fatima, when suddenly he felt a calling to gather priests who would consecrate themselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. And the confirmation came, a small sign from Our Lady while he visited the Sanctuary of the Annunciation at Nazareth. This beautiful inspiration marked the beginning of a extraordinary movement.

Since its humble beginnings in 1974, the Marian Movement of Priests cenalces have blossomed into a global phenomenon. From the first cenacles of prayer and fellowship among priests and faithful, this beautiful movement has spread like wildfire, reaching every corner of the earth. Imagine, Fr. Gobbi traveling to the five continents, presiding over regional cenacles, taking countless flights, and embarking on numerous journeys by car and train. He conducted a staggering 2210 cenacles, with 1015 in Europe, 840 in America, 97 in Africa, 116 in Asia, and 142 in Oceania. This astounding growth is a testament to the profound impact of the Marian Movement of Priests.

In almost every country across Europe, America, Asia, Africa, and Oceania, dedicated national directors have been appointed to guide and nurture the membership, facilitating the formation of cenacles. These directors also play a vital role in appointing regional and diocesan directors, ensuring that the spirit of the movement is cherished and upheld. Each priest who embraces the Marian Movement of Priests not only embodies the spirit of consecration to Mary but also becomes part of a global “spirit” that transcends boundaries and external control.

It is challenging to provide an accurate numerical snapshot of the M.M.P due to the autonomy granted to each national center. However, the precise numbers pale in comparison to the immeasurable impact this movement imparts on the lives of priests and the faithful. The Marian Movement of Priests is a force of transformation that can only be experienced, as each priest ardently lives out their consecration to Mary on a daily basis.




Ave Maria
Milan, January 1, 2011

First Saturday of the month and year

I accept death however and whenever the Lord desires, renewing in the Immaculate Heart of Mary my “Yes” to the Divine Will.

I leave as my spiritual testament everything that is written in the book, “To the Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons,” and I attest that the messages contained therein were received by me under the form of interior locutions.

In a spirit of thanksgiving to Our Lord and to Our Lady, I ask that, after my funeral Mass, the Magnificat be sung by all.

I ask for a very simple funeral. In lieu of flowers, I request that works of charity be done. I desire to be buried in Dongo, in the Shrine of Our Lady of Tears, at the foot of the Altar of the Crucifix. If that is not readily available, then I ask for a temporary burial in the Chapel of the Clergy in the cemetery in Dongo.

As I have consecrated every moment of my life, in the same way I consecrate to the Immaculate Heart of Mary the moment of my passing from earth to Heaven and from time to eternity.

I thank everyone for all the good that I have received. I ask pardon if I have involuntarily offended anyone.

To all members of the Marian Movement of Priests and of the Marian Movement, I promise my special protection and a particular help from Heaven where I hope to enter through the mercy of the Lord and with the help of your prayer.

I bid you goodbye, as I look forward to meeting you under the glorious mantle of the Queen of All Saints, and I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Father Stefano Gobbi, priest


About the Blue Book

In order to truly grasp the essence of the bluebook, it is highly recommended to delve into the Introduction (pages xiii-xlv). Here, you will uncover valuable insights about the MMP and its spiritual significance.

Additionally, you will find practical wisdom for the reader (pages xli-xlv), along with a comprehensive exploration of the bluebook’s merits and limitations.

The Introduction also sheds light on the profound concept of ‘interior locutions’ (xxxvi-xli), a phenomenon not exclusive to Fr Gobbi, but experienced by numerous revered mystics throughout the Church’s history. Our Lady Herself referred to these interior locutions as ‘all that I cause you to hear in your heart’ (49 a: June 8, 1974).


But what does Our Lady Herself say about Her book (the Bluebook)?

In my book what you should know has already been revealed. If you know how to read it, therein is my total plan, in its preparation, in its sorrowful actualisation, and in its luminous and victorious completion.

Read it, my beloved sons; meditate on it; live it! Have no doubt; I am speaking to you. Through these words I am present in it and manifest myself. Only tomorrow will you understand the importance of this maternal message of mine. (284 i-j: Jan 28, 1984)

How does She say Her book should be read?

With the simplicity of a child who is listening to his motherHe doesn’t ask why she speaks, or how she speaks, or where her words are going to lead him. He loves her, and he listens to her. He does what she says. And then the child is happy, because he feels that in this way he is guided and illumined by his mother. Led by her and formed by her words, each day he continues to grow in life.

So should it be for you. Read it with simplicity,without minding about such problems as how I speak, why I speak, where I am speaking. My only concern is that you live everything I have told you. Then your hearts will be inflamed with love, your souls will be illumined by my light, and I will transform you interiorly to lead you to do each day what pleases the Heart of Jesus.

If you are consecrated to me, I take you just as you are, with your limitations, your defects and sins, your frailty, but then each day I transform you to bring you to be in accordance with the plan which God has entrusted to my Immaculate Heart.” (282 d-f: Jan 21, 1984)

What does Our Lady say in Her book?

I trace out a simple and beautiful road, but a difficult one, oh how difficult! It is necessary to travel it, if you wish to live the consecration. I teach you how to live; I form you in a practical way to live with me.

I tell you the things which I have most on my Heart, because they are the very things which Jesus has told you in the Gospel, which today should be lived with the simplicity of little ones, with the ardour of martyrs, and with the fidelity of courageous witnesses: it should be lived to the letter!

Accordingly I am calling you to prayer, to penitence, to mortification, to the practice of virtue, to trust, to hope, to the exercise of an ever more perfect charity.  This is what I want to tell you.” (282 h-n: Jan 21, 1984)

What guidance does She give on the various predictions in Her book?

“Don’t be delayed … by the predictions I give you in the effort to make you comprehend the times in which you are living. 

Like a mother, I am telling you the dangers through which you are going, the imminent threats, the extent of the evils that could happen to you, only because these evils can yet be avoided by you, the dangers can be evaded, the plan of God’s justice always can be changed by the force of his merciful love.

Also when I predict chastisements to you, remember that everything, at any moment, may be changed by the force of your prayer and your reparative penanceDo not say therefore: ‘How much of what you predicted to us has not come true!’ Instead, give thanks with me to the Heavenly Father because … (in response to) your prayer and consecration, your suffering, and on account of the immense suffering of so many of my poor children, again He alters the period of justice, to permit … great mercy to come to flower…” (282 h-n: Jan 21, 1984)


What is the Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary?

The spiritual theology of the Church, nurtured by numerous testimonies of the saints, has already formulated a clear doctrine on the value of consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

She Herself asked this at Fatima.

To avoid superimposing anything new onto the existing doctrine of the Church, following is an excerpt from a message in the Blue Book.

(May 13, 1976)

“Today, my beloved sons, recall my coming down upon this earth, in the poor Cova da Iria in Fatima.

I came from heaven to ask you for the consecration to my Immaculate Heart.

Through you, priests of my Movement, what I had then asked is now being realized.  You are consecrating yourselves to my Immaculate Heart and leading souls entrusted to you to this consecration which I desire.

Since that day how much time has passed!  It is now fifty nine years.

The Second World War, foretold by me as a punishment allowed by God for a humanity which alas did not repent, has also taken place.

Now you are living in that period of time when the Red Dragon, that is to say Marxist atheism, is spreading throughout the whole world and is increasingly bringing about the ruin of souls.

He is indeed succeeding in seducing and casting down a third of the stars of heaven.

These stars, in the firmament of the Church, are the pastors: they are yourselves, my poor priest-sons.

Has not perchance even the Vicar of my Son affirmed to you that it is the dearest friends, even the confreres of the same table, the priests and the religious, who are today betraying and setting themselves against the Church?

This is then the hour to have recourse to the great remedy that the Father offers you to resist the seductions of the Evil One and to oppose the real apostasy which is spreading more and more among my poor children.  Consecrate yourselves to my Immaculate Heart.

To everyone who consecrates himself to me I again promise salvation: safety from error in this world and eternal salvation.

You will obtain this through my special motherly intervention.  Thus I will prevent you from falling into the enticements of Satan.  You will be protected and defended by me personally; you will be consoled and strengthened by me.

Now is the time when my call must be answered by all priests who want to remain faithful.

m Each one must consecrate himself to my Immaculate Heart, and through you priests many of my children will make this consecration.

This is like a vaccine which, like a good Mother, I give you to preserve you from the epidemic of atheism, which is contaminating so many of my children and leading them to the death of the spirit.

These are the times that I myself foretold; this is the hour of the purification. Heed the requests of your Mother, and entrust yourselves to me with all confidence and the most complete surrender.”

Living the Consecration
Making the Act of Consecration is a very important moment in the life of the MMP, but what is essential is living this Act of Consecration as a lymph that nourishes one’s daily life.

Throughout the Blue Book, it is explained to us in these terms.

(July 25, 1977)

“My beloved sons, with docility let yourselves be formed by me.  With your consecration to my Immaculate Heart, you have entrusted your priesthood to me.  You have put it in a safe place.

But in so doing, however, you have only taken the first step, even though it is a very important one.  Now I myself, as Mother, am committed to make each one of you just what my Son Jesus desires you to be.

The second step you must take is to allow yourselves to be formed by me, in a way which is different for each one of you.

It is my duty as Mother to form you in a very particular and personal way.  Even the paths along which I am leading you differ among themselves, but they all bring you to the same goal, that set for each of you by my Son Jesus.

Pay no attention to how I am forming you; do not ask me where I am leading you; do not seek to know beforehand the path which I have marked out for you.  Your duty is to second my action with your docility. 

An interior docility which leads you always to say yes to me and to seek only to carry out my will in whatever you do.  You now know the will of your heavenly Mother:

   — I want you humble, silent, recollected and burning with love for Jesus and souls.  Only thus will you become great in my eyes;

   — I want you trustful, abandoned to me and without human preoccupations.  […]

   — I want you mortified in your senses, persevering in prayer, and gathered about Jesus in the Eucharist like living lamps of love.  Only thus will you feel me close to you;

   — I want you ever purer; thus you will finally be able to see me.  You will see me with the eyes of the soul, if you close the eyes of the body to the vanity of this world.

Your life will be transformed by me, as gently and firmly I lead you to sanctity.  Only if you cooperate with my action will you be able to escape the danger of coming to a halt or of allowing your fervor to grow tepid, after your act of consecration to me.


Now that in all parts of the world you are responding to me by allowing yourselves to be enclosed in my Immaculate Heart, I must as quickly as possible make you into faithful copies of Jesus Crucified.

You have answered me with a yes; now I ask you to respond to my action with your exterior and interior docility.  Only in this way can you resist the ambushes which my Adversary lays for you and respond to my great plan of love.”